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RECLAIM -ing the Girls’ Furniture

We decided to repaint the girls vintage French Provincial furniture this weekend using RECLAIM paint in the Versailles color.

The whole set had yellowed to a pretty hideous mustardy-gray–not what two little girls wanted in their bedroom. We prepped by wiping the dresser down with Simple Green. (A few months ago, we spray painted the chest of drawers and nightstand white. This is acting as our base for those pieces.) We started by literally smooshing the paint into the crevices. Beanie and Lemony enjoyed helping with this part.




The picture below shows what the paint looks like after it has been rolled. Don’t get scared when it looks like this!  I wanted to show it at this point to assure you that the paint will settle down all by itself. As you look toward the drawers near the window, you can see what the paint looks like as it dries–little to no texture. And again, it does this all by itself. Just leave it alone and let it do what it does. 🙂



Here is what happens when an eager helper, paint, and carpet collide.


I am happy to report that RECLAIM is also easy to clean up!

We scooped the extra paint up, scraped the spot towards the middle, added some carpet cleaner, and rinsed, rinsed, rinsed.


All better!