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Subtle with a Hint of Butter

One of my favorite sappy movies is the 1991 “Father of the Bride.” A one point the Franck and Howard, the wedding coordinators, are talking to Annie about the flavors for her wedding cake. They gush about one in particular that is “so subtle you can’t even taste it.” That’s how I feel about the color of the buffet I just finished. Subtle. Almost the same color. But not quite. I know I didn’t spend all this time painting this buffet the same color it was originally because my sister told me it’s a different color. It’s not the same color. It’s not. Reagan, back me up!


After I finished scraping off my first attempt, I gave the buffet a thinned-down coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Mesa Sunset, recommended by Kathy from The Vintage Dames.

I followed that with a full-strength coat of  CeCe’s Johnston Daffodil mixed with a dollup of Young Kansas Wheat and a few drops of Mesa Sunset:


After wet distressing, just a hint of the Mesa Sunset peeks through. I took the hardware off and painted all the pieces on a piece of foam board, reattached them to the buffet, and hit them with some clear wax.

Then came the fun part–playing with the new metallic waxes!

First, I smeared on the El Dorado Gold wax with my finger. Here’s what it looks like unbuffed over the Johnston Daffodil mixture:


Then I layered on Sierra Silver wax. Here it is unbuffed:


The real magic happens when this wax is buffed! Here it is in all its pearlescent glory!



This is my second major project using CeCe Caldwell’s paints, and I am even more in love with them! The only problem with this buffet now is that it is almost too “pretty.” What’s a girl to do? 😉



Consigned and Collected

Our house has been mostly empty since we moved in. Years of moves and living as students left our decor in a perpetual state of “early matrimony,” a style graciously described by my Mom. We went to a few furniture stores and walked out empty handed and discouraged. They wanted lots ‘o money for poorly crafted stuff. That’s when we stumbled into two local consignment shops. The heavens opened up and the furniture angels sang! Pre-dented, pre-loved, solid furniture with “I-feel-almost-guilty-paying-next-to-nothing-for-awesomeness” pricing. Sure, I’ve had to refinish and/or clean up all of these treasures, but underneath the cobwebs and crustiness are items that are made to last. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

Here in the background, you see the piece that started it all–an 80’s era buffet scored at a local consignment shop for next to nothing. It’s been a dresser, an entertainment center, Christmas tree holder–you name it, and it has probably served that purpose. Now it holds DVDs and video games. (Well, that an a bunch of junk that I haven’t sorted through yet.) I didn’t do anything to it but clean it up and love it. Just above it is my treasured reproduction J.M.W. Turner painting I found at a yard sale for $1. (Yes, I noticed it was hanging crooked too. I just fixed it. ;P)


Antique sewing table–found this beauty buried in an old antique store. It still has the machine in it. Guess that’s why The Hubs nearly gave himself a hernia bringing it in. The painting above is from my beloved Great Grandmother. It was painted by her sister who died in her teens. It is one of my most treasured possessions because of all of the sweet memories I have of my GeeGee.


The before shot. Don’t be afraid of pieces that look like this–a thin coat of wood restorer can revive just about anything. If not, paint it!


I might love these end tables more than bacon. I practically stole these solid cherry beauties from my new favorite consignment shop. It never hurts to ask for a huge discount–you just might get it! Why, yes! That is the most perfect owl lamp in the whole world–found that at Penneys after at least a year search for the perfect feathered friend.


No consignment here, just my cute pup napping in his favorite spot. However, I did get the chair on the right 1/2 off in the As-Is section at Ikea. Worth every penny–extremely solid chairs!


I’m still waiting for inspiration to finish this side of the room. It needs…something. But, in the meantime, I’m thrilled with the antique buffet turned entertainment center!


Our first refinished piece. Beware–refinishing is addictive!


The first attempt at refinishing didn’t go so well. But, I got some awesome power tools to add to my collection to fix it!


My boys and their power toys!


The start of our library/office. This desk was hidden behind large pieces of furniture at a consignment shop, but it called out to me.