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Home Sweet Home

We’ve moved every summer for the last three years. Make that four because…WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Wow, it feels good to write that! I’ve been “looking” in the area since we moved here two years ago, and The Hubs and I wavered on building a house vs. buying an older home. We went to many open houses and models, but each house had issues. The new builds had zero yard, the old homes had been remuddled over the years. (Very pricey older homes in the downtown core typically had outrageously specific (read butt-ugly) updates.)

Just a few short weeks ago, I stumbled upon a listing for THE house. It was way under budget, still in our town, and I knew it could be the one. I saw it with the kids, nearly puked from excitement, and we made an offer less than a day later. The Hubs hadn’t even seen the house yet!

So what made this house THE house?

We had a list of what a new house needed to have: character…air conditioning…at least 2 living spaces…a lot big enough for a pool…not remuddled…about 2500 sf…potential to customize. We weren’t looking for big bedrooms or extra bathrooms, but the house had to have the ability to add these.

The new house? HAS IT ALL! Character–oh yeah! It’s the cutest American Foursquare with the most tragic paint scheme. (Imagine Painter Smurf given complete freedom to paint the exterior so long as he used blue.) The original doors, including a sweet dutch door in the back of the kitchen, are still there. The entry with its Arts and Crafts stairs and moldings are still there. The interior is also tragically painted. (Imagine Grumpy Smurf forced to paint the interior. Yeah, the walls, ceilings, and trim are painted in shades of poopy brownish-green. The kitchen gives a little relief from the poop–the trim in there is painted in horror-house red.) The galley kitchen is extremely efficient–just needs a face lift. The half-bath is adorable! It has a vintage corner sink with a marble top. So cute! Of course, it is also painted in horror-house red. Ew.

But it is all ours! Poop brown, horrible red, every last surface in need of paint–it is ours! We are moving in today! Can’t wait to show y’all how it shapes up!



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