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Lesson Planning

I don’t know what it is about the last few cold weeks of winter, but they make me want to do lesson planning…for schooling we will do six months from now. I know. I have an illness. Maybe it was because I had to go to Staples for printer ink today. Just the smell of office supplies is intoxicating. A mix of ball-point ink, rubber bands, paper, and electronics. (Yes, electronics have a smell. They smell like static. Yes, static has a smell. It smells like electricity.) After a few deep nose-to-toes breaths of that heady aroma, I caught the bug. A lesson planning bug. (And probably a cold. The clerk who rang up my ink sounded like she had swallowed a cat and had just wiped her nose with her hand. Thank the Lord for hand sanitizer!) I spent the rest of the day surfing curriculum websites and loading (then emptying) my cart on Amazon.

We’ve spent three years away from Sonlight, but we are heading back to them. We never really left them anyway–I filtered all of our reading lists through the lists on Sonlight’s website. The girls and I have had a great time using Trail Guide to Learning: Paths of  Exploration and Paths of Settlement. The Boy has enjoyed his year with Notgrass’ Uncle Sam and You, while getting his civics and government requirement taken care of, and I feel that all three are ready to dive into Sonlight again. The Boy and Beanie are going to use Core F: Eastern Hemisphere Explorer, and Lemony is going to use Core B+C: World History, One Year. I’m already rearranging the shelves to make room for all the lovely books!

The scariest part is that I am starting to plan The Boy’s high school path. Core F, Core 100, Core 200, Core 300, then Core 400. High School.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that he was this cute ‘lil stump-climbing boy?

The Boy on stump


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