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Poor Hubs. Yesterday we started to refinish a vintage drop leaf table. Mid-way through sanding, we found out that it was veneer, not solid wood. Lesson learned, but now we have another furniture corpse to throw on the “paint or trash” pile. I don’t feel too bad for him because he said, and I quote, “I didn’t think it would work anyway.” Them’s fightin’ words. Or rather, them’s shoppin’ words. Hubs and The Boy had no sooner stashed the evidence in the basement before we were off in search of a new kitchen table. Our favorite consignment shop was about to close for the night when we saw it…a pine harvest table with eight chairs. Eight. Yep, I have a thing for chairs like most girls have for handbags or shoes or men. Ahem. Before these eight chairs joined our family, I had twenty dining chairs. Actually, twenty-three including the two on the back porch and the one on the front porch. Thirty-one chairs is excessive even for me. Anyhoo, eight new-to-me chairs and a country pine harvest table for them to encircle. Well, more like enrectangle, but whatever.

The search for the perfect table has been on-going for about three years. We picked up a beautiful antique gate-leg table which we have been using for homeschooling, but it wasn’t quite the family table I needed. For one thing, we found out the hard way that you shouldn’t put a hot pizza box on an antique table. It leaves big white marks. (Refinishing that will be another project for another day.) Also, the way the legs attached made it difficult to seat more than six people, even though the table was technically long enough. What I wanted was a long, narrow harvest table with legs at the corner and room to cram in bunches of people for casual dinners that we never host. (Hoping that is about to change, thanks to advice from The Reluctant Entertainer.) I think this one is the table!

We are getting closer to making this place feel more like a home than a temporary stop in our journey to a forever home. Part of that transformation had to start with the lighting in this place. Shiny, tacky brass. Ick. I love vintage, distressed brass, but the only thing distressed about this lighting was me. I hope the owners thank me for this one. I think they will.

Here is the hideous light in our breakfast room before The Hubs kindly changed it out for me:




Trust me, the before picture doesn’t even come close to showing the ugliness of that first fixture. The glass was…ribbed. <shudder> But as I stared lovingly at the new table under the new light, I knew something was wrong. That light didn’t show the table to its greatest advantage. That light had to go. (Into the dining room anyway.) My ever-patient and beloved Hubs moved the light for me and installed this one:


Be still my heart! I have been wanting a lantern style fixture forever! And to get that and my beloved harvest table all in the same weekend? Swoon.


Looks better with the light off, doesn’t it? We still need to figure out what type of bulbs to use so that we aren’t blinded. We started out with frosted 60w, went to these which are 40w…still way too bright. Anyone out there have a good way to keep from getting blinded by this type of fixture? Are there special anti-glare bulbs?

It seems it is feast or famine right now in the lighting department at our house, because now the dining room/schoolroom light is way too dim.  The wall color and the complete lack of natural light in this room isn’t helping either. Back to the Home Depot we go!



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