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Today it is all about the notebooking pages. I’ve mentioned in past posts that I did not like the pre-printed notebooking pages from the folks at Trail Guide because more than one subject could be on the same page. This makes it harder for homeschoolers who have to maintain a portfolio to sub-divide subjects. For instance, science might be printed on the back of a spelling notebooking page, etc. (Or it could just be me being neurotic. LOL) I was able to get away with homemade notebooking pages last year with Paths of Exploration, with the exception of printing out maps and some specialty science pages, but this year I’ve had a daily relationship with my printer.

Today I figured out something that y’all probably knew all along–I can print any page in any order! That means I can group all the “Mechanics and Editing” pages together and print on both sides of the paper! Eureka! No, I am not streaking naked from my tub as I say that…but I am just as excited! (Don’t worry–that link is totally PG and somewhat educational. Poor, poor maligned Archimedes!)  Anywho, this is going to make the girls very happy–they won’t have to copy out all of the grammar rules in addition to completing the writing mechanics activities.

With The Boy doing his own thing, I can’t say that we’ve really found our rhythm yet. But, as I stumble along and find new ways to adapt this amazing curriculum, I’m hopeful that we will find our groove.

Has anyone else out there found some useful tips we can all use?



Comments on: "Trail Guide to Learning: Paths of Settlement Update" (1)

  1. Melanie said:

    LOL! I totally get the Archimedes reference. 🙂

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