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The Potty Phone

Today, I cried on the potty.

But first, I have to admit something. Sometimes when the children are swarming thick and I need a moment to breathe, but I also feel an insane need to multitask, I lock the bathroom door and sit on the potty as I play with my smartphone. C’mon Moms, we’ve all done it. Repeat after me: “Hi, my name is __________, and I have a potty phone. (Of course, this is why I will never ask to use your smart phone…I know where mine’s been.)

So why did my potty/phone time make me cry today?

I read this: http://www.karipatterson.com/2013/08/09/because-sometimes-bedtime-takes-forever-and-should/. Go ahead. Read it. On or off the potty, your choice.

And it’s all so complex. Love. Parenting. Nurturing. Bedtime’s 7:30 but it was well past 9pm when I slid out from under those Hello Kitty covers and tiptoed back into our room. And silently I thanked God for enough margin in life to be there for her. Meltdowns aren’t marked on the schedule; tears are never timed well. But by the grace of God I resolve to be with my children as much as possible, to notice the flash of sadness in the eyes and wipe the tears and stay an hour longer than planned. She will be 14 and then 40. I will be here and then gone.

O Father, with all that is in us we ask: Help us love our children well.

These beautiful children are here right now, cups held out ready to fill. Distractions will always be a part of life, but with the time I have with them, I want to be 100% committed to my children. 100% there.


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  1. Amen…on the potty phone too.

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