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One of my favorite things about living here is the thrift and consignment stores–A-mazing! The Hubs and I try to hit at least two of our favorites every weekend. If we skip a week, I get all antsy–like someone is stealing my deals. 😉

Early on, we found a great old buffet that we “converted” into an entertainment center. Converting it entailed having The Hubs crawl inside to drill air holes for the electronic gadgetry.20130618-091726.jpg20130618-091736.jpgThe entertainment center stayed like this for several months. Functional, but needing…something. The exterior finish, while it looks pretty good in this picture, was actually shot.


Enter: RECLAIM paint!

At another one of my fabulous local antique stores, I found a vendor selling RECLAIM paint. She made sample boards of every color available, which included this gorgeous Versailles color. She also had several completed furniture pieces that were painted, layered, chipped, distressed, and/or glazed with the antiquing medium/toner from the same manufacturer (Caromal Colours) of the Reclaim paint. They.were.beautiful! Reclaim paint claims to bond, prime, finish, and seal all-in-one. Sceptically, yet naively excited, I bought a quart and some toner.

20130618-092007.jpgYou “mush” this paint on. It is thick like peanut butter. I used a roller for maximum coverage, and I even let the girls mush the paint in the nooks and crannies. You just can’t mess it up! It bubbles a bit with the roller, but the bubbles settle down, and then the paint literally smooths itself out. In the picture above, I distressed the corners with some sandpaper. Here’s an important tip with this paint–let it dry before adding a glaze or the toner. Like completely dry and cure. It will “reactivate” if it is not perfectly dry, and you will not be happy if you accidentally cover up your fantastic distressing. Otherwise, this paint does everything it claims to.


This picture sorta shows the soft, yummy blue-green of the Versailles paint color. I wish my camera could capture the real color!!! Trust me, it is stunning!  By this point, I also used some of the toner to age it a bit, but my impatience cost me a lot of my original distressing. Someday, I’ll hit with some sandpaper and toner again. Until then, learn from me, and wait for the dang thing to dry completely!

I decided to take the doors off to expose the beautiful original stain. (I wish the exterior finish had survived life as well as the interior!) The components moved into two old nightstands that were painted in the same Versailles color. I’m still working on them, so I’ll update when I’m happy with them. Right now, they are a dumping ground for misplaced accessories. Baby steps, right? 😉



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