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I’m not much of a seamstress. In fact I should be locked up for crimes against sewing machines, but, sometimes a girl needs to make curtains. I pulled out my Janome Jem and went to town on my new favorite fabric: Waverly’s Olana. The top and the sides were fairly simple–just fold over the selvedge, iron, and sew a straight line.

I am so happy with the way they turned out! All that stood in the way of complete window covering success were just two itty, bitty, little hems. No biggie, right?

Not so fast. As the title of the post declares, this is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hemming Drapes.

Disclaimer: this is not a tutorial. This is the actual account of a complete idiot trying to hem some homemade drapes. Enjoy.

Step one: do not remove drapes from the rod to iron the seam.


Step two: Since step one went smoothly, begin to sew the hem without removing the drape from the rod.


Step three: realize that you are making a colossal mistake but meddle through anyway. Make sure that no one ever inspects the hem closely.

Step four: take the second curtain down from the rod. Takes about 39 seconds to do this. Sew the hem in under 2 minutes. Take another 39 seconds to place the curtain back on the rod. Time well spent.



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