Random musings from a Wife, Mom, Homeschooler, Student, and Friend


Who hung a ridiculously heavy vintage mirror using just her knuckles, two nails, a step stool, and an eleven-year-old boy? ME!!!!

We found a vintage cherry bedroom set at one of our favorite consignment shops. After looking at the prices of new, good quality furniture, I was in sticker shock. So I found a look I liked…


…and started scouring the consignment stores again for something similar. I fully intended to paint whatever I found and cobble together odd pieces, but then I saw this…


…and yes. I got the set. A matching set. I am fully aware of the fact that I probably angered almost every decorating guru for buying a matching set, but I don’t regret any mitchy-matchy square inch of it. I also love the warm, country cherry color, so no need for paint! Well, except for the headboard. It’s begging for paint and upholstering. For now, it is leaning against the bed until I can figure out a way to attach it the bed frame. Here it is with my beloved owl lamp on the side table.


My bedroom is finally coming together! Now it just needs some throw pillows, artwork, accessories, a few afghans, a couple of lamps, a bench for the end of the bed, a rug…


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