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The Hutch Re-Do

Remember the hutch? Here it is before the milk paint incident.

This picture makes it look like a warm, rosy wood color. Don’t be fooled–it looked like poo. Not to mention that it had been chewed on in various spots by a dog or critter of unknown origin. But, it was solid and just needed a make-over to make it beautiful for the first time again.


The RESULT! I just love it! Here it is tricked out as Homeschool Central. It makes my heart happy to lovely books lined up in rows.


Lemony helped style the table. I think the owl adds a certain…uh…je ne sais quoi.  (I had the word “pas” here. Just found out that means why, not what. I thought it looked weird. LOL)


Even the left-out/left-over doors were put to good use, thanks to a great suggestion from my new friend at Simplified by Bobbie. Now I’m just waiting for some chalk pens to arrive a la Amazon!



Comments on: "The Hutch Re-Do" (2)

  1. I can’t believe that is the same hutch! Beautiful.

  2. Kathy said:

    That is an awesome transformation!
    Love your blog… A great fun read! Keep them coming!

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