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So, milk paint. Let’s discuss.

I’ve been drooling over furniture painted with milk paint for a while now. I just happen to have a hutch that is begging for a makeover. Hutch? Milk paint? Match made in heaven, right?

Not so fast.

I’ve watched tons of youtube videos showing that anyone can transform old furniture with milk paint. Maybe it’s true for some. But I’m beginning to think the people in these videos aren’t showing us the years it took to master milk paint or the carcasses of ruined furniture that paved the way to eventual success. For the novice, milk paint is no joke. Just stay away from it–leave it to the pros!!! đŸ™‚

Exhibit A: Seems simple enough. Open packet, mix with water, add binding agent.


Exhibit B: Why isn’t this stuff mixing?!? Why, oh, why did they put the tip about using warm water at the end of the directions?!? Advil, stat!


Exhibit C: Bringing out The Boy and the big guns to mix the paint.


Exhibit F (For Failure): This picture is worth a thousand words written in milk paint. (The paint started peeling off in sheets shortly after this was taken.)


Milk paint does stick to old furniture. Sometimes. In some places. The Hubs was kind enough to sand the crap out of the spots that stuck so we could salvage the hutch.


The uptick is that The Hubs and I had a great time working on the hutch together. He helped me haul it out to the garage, and he’s handy with a sander and regular paint. The hutch is looking good thanks to him. Pics to follow soon.


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