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This is what I call, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie,” design. I cannot leave things alone. So, I got it in my head that the TV would look better on the other wall. It does! But the sofa needs to be moved which means the chairs need to be moved which means I need to steal back that cute little end table from The Boy which means I have to get the level out to rehang pictures (that need to be rehung again because I shifted the sofa down another foot).

Don’t give a mouse a cookie. Just don’t do it. Save them for Santa and his little elves with a note that tells them where you’d like the furniture and pictures and such to go.

What is so funny is that I did all this with a migraine. And cramps. So, I had to laugh when I saw this blog post today from Nester. It is comforting that there is another mouse feeder out there.



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