Random musings from a Wife, Mom, Homeschooler, Student, and Friend

I have a dear friend who is deeply worried about “Empty Nest Syndrome.” She still has a kid in elementary school, yet she worries that she and her husband will wake up one day after the kids have flown the coop and realize that they don’t know or even really like each other. (I’m totally not worried about them. They are one of the best examples of polar-opposite-yet-two-peas-in-a-pod that I have ever seen.) But, when she worries, I start to think maybe I need to worry. Do I?

Last night, I was tired of little voices, little hands, never-ending questions, spitting grasshoppers, sticky spots on the floor, grass stains, and being out of cereal. By the time The Hubs got home, I was ready for a long, quiet walk together, sans little voices and little hands and never-ending questions. I felt better when we got home, but I was still mel-onk-a-lee (said in my best Megamind voice). So, I did what any mature adult would do…I layed down on my bed and pouted.  Then The Hubs came in and did what he does best–made me laugh. Gut-busting laughs.

So why am I not worried about growing old and growing distant with this man? We have super powers. No, The Hubs can’t leap tall building in a single bound. In fact, his vertical jump was the subject of a lesson in determination over skill during one of his high school basketball practices. I don’t have an invisible jet, and I look terrible in a star-studded tiara and matching body suit. But, I’m married to my best friend and therein lies our super powers. We pray together, we are still young at heart, and laughter is the tie that binds us. He wears a Goonies shirt. I wear a Grumpy shirt. We both still laugh at rude noises and at our own private jokes. Even when our nest is empty, it will be full of laughter and random movie quotes, of that I have no doubt.


Do you have a marital super power?


Comments on: "Growing Old Together" (3)

  1. You’re much too kind. I’m the lucky and thanks for putting up with me. I look forward to the years of silliness ahead. Love ya!

    • Last night’s take-away comment, made to my, er your, arm–“Stop being jealous!” Thanks for making me laugh…again. I love you!

  2. I love you both!

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