Random musings from a Wife, Mom, Homeschooler, Student, and Friend

One of my favorite phrases is, “When the answer comes, it will come from Heaven, and you will know.” I usually say that to my sister or someone other than myself. I do believe it. I do. It’s just harder to believe when I am the one waiting for answers.

Boy, did we get answers on Monday. Straight from Heaven.

The Hubs has been courted by a med center for several months, but no one prepared us for the length of time this process would take. He graduates from his fellowship next week, and he just got his contract in the mail yesterday. His poor co-fellow is still waiting for his contract. (No contract=no job; graduation day=end of employment=no job.) To make matters worse, our lease on Millie ends on the 30th, and they actually want us out early. So we were facing no job, no home. All in a matter of days. Teasing each other about “living in a van down by the river” got fewer and fewer laughs as reality of living in a van down by the river became a distinct possibility.

Then Monday afternoon we got the email–the contract was being sent overnight express! About an hour later, we got another email–we got a rental house! My parents are coming to help us pack! My sister and her husband, another sister, and nieces and nephews are coming to help us unpack! We got a truck AND movers for 2 hours to load us up here!

The old hymn, “Showers of Blessings,” comes to mind here: “There shall be showers of blessing, Precious reviving again; Over the hills and the valleys, Sound of abundance of rain.” This process has tested us in ways I can’t even describe. It’s been a deep, dry valley, but always…always…there has been that promise of rain to keep us going. Now it is pouring, and I just want to dance in it!


Yesterday, The Hubs and I watched a promotional film the university and medical school produced. I was stunned as I watched it. When the school opened, they said that their graduates were even more successful than most med school graduates. They believe this is because they chose students and hired practitioners who were a bit older, with life experiences outside of medicine. This combination made them better doctors. But, they knew these candidates also needed a strong support system, and they looked for students and faculty with strong relationships with their spouses. Decades later, it seems they are still following these guidelines. It was cool and kinda creepy to watch that last night now that all the pieces are finally in place.

Saturday is the big day. We will pack up Millie, leave The Hubs a pallet and packet of provisions so he can finish his final week of work, and head east. (Whew! Is that a record for alliteration here? All that on just one cup of coffee!) On to a place with three potties, none of them reclining or filled with terror (yet), and…air conditioning! I’m faint with happiness just thinking about it!


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