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Turtle Talk

The kids spent the better part of last week with their grandparents. You know those trips…those “What happens at Gramma’s, stays at Gramma’s” type trips? So, I figured they needed some television detoxing. (Among other things. Ahem.) They played outside most of the afternoon and came in hot and cranky. We settled down to watch what I hoped would be an educational documentary on turtles. We talked through the evolutionary propaganda, and enjoyed the show as the small loggerhead turtle grew from hatchling to adult in this beautifully filmed movie.  The kids were having a lively discussion about when the turtle was going to lay eggs. Beanie said that she just needed to find the beach where she was born, but The Boy wisely said that she needed to find a boy turtle first. “Ohhhhhh,” said Beanie. “That poor turtle is all alone. That’s so sad,” said Lemon. The lonely turtle had finally reached the age of  21, but I had to get up to make dinner before I could see what happened to her.

A few minutes later, Beanie shrieked to me from the living room, “MOM! You’re missing the best part! They’re mating! They’re mating! They’re mating!

The Hubs walked into the kitchen and said, “I think we are going to have some questions to answer about this one.”

So, instead of having the talk, we will be having the turtle talk in this house. Good times.


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  1. The Turtle Talk doesn’t scare me as much….

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