Random musings from a Wife, Mom, Homeschooler, Student, and Friend

Curriculaholic. There. I admit it. That’s the first step to recovery, right?

In my defense, I’ve gotten better. Math is now Math-U-See all the way. Grammar? Easy Grammar, hands down. Everything else? Weeeeelllll…..

Let’s start with a review of Learning Adventures: A World of Adventure. Truly a work of creative genius.

What I loved:

  • The Bible study–especially in the Ancient Egypt and Greece units. I am reusing the Bible study of the life of Joseph with The Golden Goblet with The Teen for his 9th grade English project. I think he is digging it as much as I am–I think I caught him smiling once or twice.
  • Excellent literature selections and suggestions for books from the library!
  • The discussion questions–most of them were very though provoking. The ones that weren’t, we just skipped or reworded.
  • Resources galore! Want additional resources? AWOA has them! Books, movies, websites…it is in there!
  • The sheer depth–like I said, this is the work of a creative genius. There is so much in these pages that one year cannot possibly do justice to all that AWOA has to offer. Which leads to what I didn’t like about it…

What I didn’t like:

  • Too in-depth–this was written for 4th-8th grades. While some projects/assignments were elementary level, I feel overall this is a minimum of 6th grade+. I did purchase the Little Adventurers pack, but switching back and forth was way too much effort for little benefit.
  • No rhythm–I could not find a consistent groove with AWOA. For my elementary age kids, I think a daily rhythm is essential. I feel like this year lacked that, and I ended up supplementing far more than I would have liked.
  • Parent Guide–I wish this guide was online so that I could have organized in a way that made more sense for me and my family. If I could have tweaked it here and there, I think I could have gotten much more out of this year. I am very visual, and after a while, the PG just seemed to be a massive jumble of words. I was just overwhelmed with vastness and depth of this study. Truly AWOA is good stuff, but I just couldn’t handle the format. This is probably why I am not a true unit study kind of home schooler. I need a framework and cute little checkbox and grids and lines and flow charts and diagrams. You get the picture.
  • Vastness–(is that a word?) I don’t want my kids to miss anything. AWOA is humungus. There are infinite rabbit trails to wander down that are wonderful, but so much open-endedness makes me insane! What if we miss something! PANIC!

I do not regret buying this curriculum for my kids this year, even though we are no longer using most of it. Before this, we were Sonlighters until certain issues of a monetary form arose, and AWOA fit the bill for us nicely. I loved the required books and the idea of a unit study approach. This was our first foray into a unit study. I’m not 100% sure we are a unit study family yet, but I’m not discouraged.


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