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Topping the long list of things that I dislike doing, such as licking envelopes and cleaning behind the bathroom faucet, is anything to do with cleaning up  poo. Especially when I am not quite sure whose poo is whose. Thanks to Millie, I got to come face-to-face, er, nose-to-nose with creeping, seeping, heaping piles of poo today. Sewer back-up.

For the first, maybe second time this whole year, I’m glad to be a renter. After a  quick call to the landlord, and a man with a noisy, crusty, yet efficient looking machine came to my rescue. When I answered the door, he said, “You’re new here.” Not a question. Apparently he had a long-standing contract with my landlord almost exclusively for this property, almost exclusively for this very problem. A Zip! a Snap! and a  Slurp! later, the poo was gone!

As my new hero left, he said kinda cryptically, “See you again soon.”

Oh Lord, please, I hope not.


Comments on: "Thoroughly Unmodern Millie, the Poo Edition" (2)

  1. It must be “one of those days”. My toddler-in-training has a whacky tummy and we own no more diapers.

  2. While I am very sorry for the sick tummy little girl, better you than me. I’ve reached my poo quota for the day!

    But, that reminds me of an incident with our oldest nephew when he was in training. I had no children at the time, and I am still scarred to this day. But, I did learn that training undies hold a lot.

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