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Note: this was written on Friday, March 23. For some reason, it saved a a draft. Goofy me.


Matthew 6:34–a timely reminder for the impatient mind.

I’ve had a busy week. Achievement testing has been achieved. My spreadsheets are spread. Cute little checkboxes for the 2012-2013 school year are ready for checking, and yet, the 2011-2012 school year is still in full swing. Well, to be honest, it is actually in a slow, downward spiral. I’m ready to move on! World history, schmorld history. I’m ready for American history, state-specific geography projects, learning Spanish and piano, ballet and karate, keyboarding, new math books, smelly pencils, crisp untapped literature… I’m ready for a new town, a new house, a toilet that doesn’t recline or lean to the left. The possibility of having more than one toilet, actually. A/C would be nice. A dishwasher, heavenly.

The focus on the future keeps me from doing what must be done right now.

I was going to continue a kid’s choice reading day yesterday, but I felt the time slipping. We jumped back into our studies with vigor. We retraced the steps leading to the signing of the Magna Carta and the burning of Joan of Arc. The Middle Ages are about to come to an end, and the dawn of the age of Reformation is in sight. If we stop now, Adam of the Road will never find his missing minstrel father or his dog, and The Swiss Family Robinson’s adventure of a lifetime will never begin.

I’m an expert starter. If you want to know how to start something–fights, painting projects, dust bunny collections–I’m your girl. Finishing is where I could use some help. But, I find the deepest satisfaction in a job well done. A project completed. The last word on the last page of a challenging, but wonderful, book read. I’m ready to finish what we started here.

So, the spreadsheets and schedules are ready for posting, but I’m not. I’m going to see how far this new gust of energy takes us then look ahead again. Of course, when the new Sonlight or Apologia catalog hits my mailbox, I might just have to meander a bit…


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  1. Cut from the same cloth, yes we are!

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