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I spent most of December sick, but now that I finally have use my hands again, I have been very productive with a crochet hook.

It started out with a simple yo-yo project.


When I realized that I would have to individually sew all of these yo-yos together in order to make something out of them, I gave up. Well, I didn’t give up completely. I thought about making these yo-yos into Christmas ornaments. But they stayed on my craft table for a long, long time. The Internet to the rescue! I found a pattern called “crown jewels” online and I was able to use my yo-yos as the starting point for this pattern.

The squares are absolutely beautiful. And, they’re very large–about a foot across. But let’s be honest, making that many popcorn stitches in every square is very, very tedious. And, I’m impatient. In one of my crochet books, I found a pattern that I could use that would not involve any popcorn stitches and I adapted it and used the same border from the “crown jewels” square to make them the same size blocks.

I love the result! I still have three more blocks to crochet and sew together, plus a rather long, tedious border. But, the afghan I’m dubbing “Growing Impatience” is almost complete. I will complete it! It will not go in my UFO box! (unfinished objects)


I’ll post a picture when it’s all complete–hopefully by the end of the month.


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