Random musings from a Wife, Mom, Homeschooler, Student, and Friend

Seeing Red

My children often ask, “Mom, what’s your favorite color?” I can’t answer that. One day it might be yellow, the next green. Maybe plum or puce or aquamarine. (Did I just rhyme? Page Dr. Suess…STAT!) Then there’s sunshine gold, sapphire blue…. However, red is in a category all by itself. When I think about other colors, I automatically think of them in context with red. I can emphatically state that red is not my favorite color, but I can’t escape it.

Some people are blue people. I go into a “blue” house, and I just love the crisp, clean look of blue–especially paired with spring green and yellow. Sometimes I think I want to be a “blue” house person. I love the look of The Nester’s house–lots of soothing neutrals and pops of blue. Her home lends a sense of visual peace, rest, and harmony. I started thinking I could go blue. Yes, me. Blue. Good idea. That involved a trip to Michaels for yarn. I found gorgeous blue and green variegated yarn and crocheted a beautiful pillow cover. For someone else. I can’t live with it. Hurray for me, Christmas is coming and that is one gift off the gift list!  The red, gold, and green variegated yarn that I got at the same time? Now that is me.



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