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My kids are upstairs fighting over cleaning the toilet. Not fighting over who has to clean the toilet, but who gets to. Apparently those clever little Scrubbing Bubbles gel disks that I put in the toilet are just fascinating to them. The price of being the one to stamp the gel in the bowl is cleaning it first. Hence the fighting.

Oh Dear Lord, I love these children! I love that they fight over cleaning the toilet and fight over who gets to sit next to me. Dear God, they are so precious. Please Lord, let me never take a single moment for granted. Thank you for my babies.




Please comfort Lydia’s family. I get the privilege of hearing my three babies giggling upstairs while the Byrds are placing Lydia in your Everlasting Arms. Thank you for their faith and their strength. Thank you for the reminder that every day, every breath is special.


Please Lord, help Nate. I don’t whether you will answer with a miraculous healing or prepare Lydia to welcome a new friend, but I ask you for your strength and comfort for Nate, his family, and the people he has touched forever.


Comments on: "Rejoice in the Mundane" (1)

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I love you. PS send thse kids over here…I’ll buy the gel and they can clean my three toilets.

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