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I’m making progress on my dining/school room thanks to Ikea.

I want to personally thank those Swedes for making sturdy, but cheap, dining tables and chairs. End to end, my BJÖRKUDDEN tables form the long harvest table that I have always wanted. Adding a few unfinished pine IVAR chairs to my eclectic chair collection makes me feel all warm and cozy inside! I stacked two EXPEDIT bookcases (that I already had) on top of each, pushing the top one closer to the wall to come up with a buffet and hutch-ish looking creation. I can now serve up warm school books and crispy craft supplies on a whim–everything is right within arms reach! Obviously, I still need to organize and declutter the hutch-like thing, but it is really going to work out. Two old, narrow end tables turned to the side now flank a low bookcase turned sideboard. (One of the tables holds the ugly printer. Can’t see it? Neither can I–that’s why I am so happy about it!) Those Williamsburg prints in the background? Goodwill!

I just needed to stop whining about this room and start moving things around.


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  1. Very nice!

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