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We are a week-and-a-half into our new school year. It is challenging, but I do love seeing the progress the kids are making. Progress=piles of completed schoolwork, in this case. But, I see where I am losing focus on what I really want my kids to accomplish this year–making a home. Dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” (which my perfectionism forces me to) leaves me with precious little time for the Home Making Project. And it shows. Stuff has drifted onto every surface like snow. My beautiful chore chart has created a battle ground…”That’s not MY job!”

I don’t like the direction this is going. So, I’m redirecting. Thank God that u-turns are allowed!

I was thinking about magnet schools. They manage to plug in the three R’s, but they still focus the majority of their time on their speciality–science, performing arts, etc. This year, our specialization is the home. When I think about what I want to accomplish with this project, the main themes are:

– Character building: being kind, helping others, taking responsibility, following through–seeing a project to its completion (gulp), doing something because it needs doing–not because it is listed on a job chart.

– Home-making: basic cooking, cleaning, and sewing.

I’m excited again. I am reminded why I truly believe we are here for this year. I have lofty ideas–handmade quilts and cookies and loving letters to family–but regardless of what we do or do not accomplish in the craft arena, the heart has to be right here within these four walls and within these five people. Home is where we learn how to love and help others–it starts right here first.


Comments on: "Refreshing the Focus" (4)

  1. Can I share this on FB? This is REALLY good.
    I really needed this today!!!!!

    • Feel free to share. Especially since it has been going well the last few days. ;o) I’m sure there will be a follow-up post, but I am willing it to be a positive one!

  2. Great perspective!

    • Thanks! You know how I get when I am in school and homeschooling…LOL! This week has been much, much better! Miss ya! Tell the girls hello from us!

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