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I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I have been bitten by the baking bug. My kitchen’s temperature rises to about a million degrees, but I cannot stop myself! It started fairly simply with some dill bread, but last night…Oooo la la! Vichyssoise with fresh baguettes and homemade butter. Sounds fancy, huh?

Not at all. In fact the recipes came from a kid’s cookbook we got for free when we bought the movie Ratatouille. The baguette recipe is stunningly simple. (The Boy put most of it together.) While it does not produce the finest french bread, this recipe makes a rustic, cottagey bread perfect for soup. Enter–vichyssoise!

Vicyssoise–fancy code name for potato-leek soup, served warm or cold. Um, I’ve never had a leek. (Excluding postpartum, but I think that is a different kind of leak.) They are mildly oniony and wonderful! All of the kids helped me make the soup which is probably why they all raved about something that is slightly green in color. Lily and Lemon declared that it was the “best meal ever!” High praise indeed from a ferocious food critic like Lemon!

I’m pretty sure Lily has never cooked in the kitchen before. She got to do the final kneading on the bread–just thrilled that she was “actually baking something!” We must be doing something right over here, because rain or shine, every day, she is here despite our weird rules and occasional screen-free days. Seeing her face, and the faces of my kids when they create something wonderful to enjoy together is worth heating up the kitchen.

20110806-093018.jpgSoup assembled, ready to simmer!


What Baguette lacks in in beauty, she makes up for in crusty personality.


20110806-093047.jpg  Dinner by candlelight!


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