Random musings from a Wife, Mom, Homeschooler, Student, and Friend

…just wouldn’t be Millie. I toyed with the idea of renaming her “Bride of Lucifer,” but that just doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely.

The Ceiling, Take 2


Dropped ceiling tiles are not designed to hold up under 20lbs of old plaster, rotten wood, and bits of ancient wallpaper. (Yes, wallpaper was HEAVY back in the day.) Today, July 30, 2011, the ceiling came down. And years and years of filth came with it. Did I mention that I have WHITE drapes? (Don’t ask…I might have to bite you.)

Three years ago, the unit next door burned down. When they ripped what was left of it down, all of the units in this row started to warp on the front. Basically the front of our unit is separating from the structure. (Hopefully the ceiling wasn’t the only thing holding the facade on. If I don’t blog tomorrow, you’ll know it’s because the front of the house fell off, taking me with it.) I suppose someone came in to verify that the remaining structure was safe, but given the state of our reclining toilet, I doubt it. So, when the hubs inspected the carnage, he figured out that chunks of the old wall and ceiling that is above the dropped part are falling onto the tiles.

The hubs has earned a shiny gold star today. He is filthy from head to toe, but he has fixed the ceiling and helped to clean up all the debris. He let me have a good cry in the kitchen and cracked some pretty funny jokes to bring me out of my dirt induced depression. I love that man!


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