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It’s not the ugliest kitchen I’ve ever seen, but it is close. Most of the cabinets are either not usable (by virtue of being nailed shut or from missing shelves) or so filthy I wouldn’t store cat food in them. So, insert ugly wire racks and…voila! Ugly, but clean, storage. So, thanks to a trip to Target for some cheap solutions, I now have a functional kitchen that isn’t so ugly anymore. Millie approves.

I finally found a good place for my pear collection. I even found a kitchen mat that matched my beloved pear tile tray. And handwashing dishes is much more comfy with this mat!

20110727-063212.jpgThis shelf is tucked into an alcove near the back door. I’ve always hated open shelving like this, but I did my best to make it cute-ish. All of the really ugly stuff is hidden behind the IKEA white board. I just hung the board from two hooks–it’s easy to lift it up to access the junk behind it, and it makes the perfect message center. I hung my pots and pans from more hooks.


Comments on: "Millie Gets Cookin’" (2)

  1. You are amazing!!! I knew you’d work your magic on that old house. I love it.

  2. Don’t try to adjust your screen–the shelf really is crooked. I had to lean it against the wall. I grump about it, but I do like this place. 😉

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