Random musings from a Wife, Mom, Homeschooler, Student, and Friend

I should have picked up on the fact that everyone leaving Trader Joes had a maximum of two bags. I have to admit, this was the 3rd time I had been to a TJs. The first two times I left without buying anything. This time, in a new city, I was determined to soak in and stock up on all that TJs had to offer. And I did, I really did.

I still had a few things left on my list, so I headed to Giant Iggle. (Eagle, but the kids call it Iggle which makes me laugh.) Another cartload of groceries. In my defense, we had nothing in the house.

Millie looked a my sacks of groceries and laughed. In suburbia, I had cabinets AND a pantry. In the city, I have 2 base cupboards that are unfit for food storage and a fridge that is missing most of its shelves. It was then that I realized why all the shoppers here have a maximum of two bags…there’s no room for more!


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