Random musings from a Wife, Mom, Homeschooler, Student, and Friend

Nothing sends me closer to divorce court than a joint-attempt at putting up window coverings with my hubby. My normally mild-mannered man transforms into a hideous, curtain covered beast…with fangs. Oops, wait, that’s me.

The vertical blinds in the living room were in bad shape. Even if they weren’t, they HAD to go–I don’t do ugly. IKEA to the rescue with its super cheap, super chic 98″ panels! Jason removed the old brackets and installed the new hardware. After some trial and error, a few choice words, tears, and hair pulling, the new curtains were up. They looked great! Sort of…but what in the world was happening to the ceiling?

It was then that we realized that we missed a crucial detail…the brackets from the old blinds were actually holding up the ceiling. Jason to the rescue! With surgical precision “Screwdriver! Hammer! Foley!” he fixed the ceiling. My hero.

Millie’s front room looks great–what a difference some fabric makes!


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