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I’m reading, Managers of Their Homes. It involves…gulp…scheduling. <shudder> So far, it has had some useful tips, but I have to admit that I was a bit put-off by the hard-hitting fundamentalist stance. I took what I found valuable (the chapter on menu-plannning and grocery shopping just might be life-altering!) and giggled a bit, but nothing really smacked me in the face. Until the user letter on page 54. “Lisa” was talking about me when she wrote, “I had not learned to diligently work on a task, a little at a time, seeing it slowly and faithfully to its finish. I had become accustomed to the all-or-nothing strategy, which was not working at all…Feeling overwhelmed by a month’s work that you want to accomplish in one day is no fun.”

All my hairbrained schemes have fallen to this. Like my embroidery business, scrapbooking, card making, gourmet cookie baking, sewing for profit, T-shirt painting, crochet, yo-yo making, boutique hairbows… I don’t mind hard work, but I want the payoff NOW. Like Lucy Ricardo, I want my schemes to play out and resolve in neat 30 minute segments. As much as I love Lucy 🙂  this approach to things has only left me with UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and confusion.

Managers of Their Homes references I Cor. 14:33: God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. If I am honest with myself, the Lucy Approach leaves my household with nothing but chaos and confusion. Consistently inconsistent. I want something better! Can scheduling be that key? Probably not, but it can help. It is no coincidence that this article http://health.yahoo.net/experts/dayinhealth/multi-tasking-can-make-you-fat appeared on my home page today. The study on which the article is based found that “our brains are only wired to shift mental gears a limited number of times before the intellectual resources required for self control are exhausted, leaving people more prone to such behavior as emotional outbursts or cheating on their diet.” Yikes. How did we get to self-control? I thought we were talking about scheduling? (Reminds me of the movie “Clue” when the truth slowly dawns on Colonel Mustard, “So, whoever knew the cook was involved…killed her?” You can almost hear the mental cogs turning.)

All-or-nothing vs. slowly and faithfully. Impatience vs. self-control. Peace, not chaos. Managers of Their Homes does not contain the secret to the life consistent. I can’t schedule my way into a bright, shiny, streamlined existance, and I certainly can’t do it all, like, NOW. I can plan. (And rhyme, some of the time.)

I’m only half-way through the book, but so far, planning rather than scheduling seems to be the necessary direction. It will be nice to be proactive rather than reactive. Although I will miss my inner Lucy…


Comments on: "Scheduling Conflict" (1)

  1. Mmmm, this makes sense to me.
    I can totally understand this. All or nothing, now, as opposed to bits at a time.
    Taking on one task, accomplishing and then do another. Makes sense to me.

    From one Lucy to another, you’ll get there!

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