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>My last entry was 2/28/11. Since then, I have made my bed every day except two! It appears that this is a novelty that is not going to wear off. I do love getting into a freshly made bed. I even enjoy the moments in the morning when I make the bed–I get such satisfaction from such a small chore! Again, I am amazed that I have spent so much of my life wrestling with covers and frustration and poor sleep when with just a few minutes, I can tuck and smooth my way to a restful night. Another perk is in the moments when Jason is just about to drift off when he whispers, “This is the best bedroom we’ve ever had.” He’s said it more than once–I think he means it.

I have transformed our bedroom too many times to count–this one has been painted over 3 times in 5 years, but I’ve never stripped it of things that don’t make sense or taken pains to keep it orderly. This room is clean–bordering on sparse. Jason can get up to answer a page in the middle of the night and not have to risk a broken toe. There are no piles of clean laundry blocking the closets. The stuff that is in this room is either useful or beautiful. (Thanks Tsh Oxenreider!) I really, really, really like this simplicity stuff!

Today I am ready to start tackling other rooms with a vengeance. I put all of this on pause while I finished a class, but rather than taking a break and doing nothing, I’m going to dive in. This week, my goals are to complete our family mission statement, declutter the bathroom, and begin work on the dining room/school room.

I’m toying with the idea of homemade soap…


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  1. >Hip hip hooray for you! You inspire me!

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