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>Pre-Christmas blues? Maybe. I was searching the web for home ec lessons, and I stumbled across a blog about simple living which led to another blog about intentional SAHMness. That got to me. To be a SAHM is one thing, but to embrace it and fill the days with intentional activities is quite another. Case in point–it is 2:20 in the afternoon, and I am still sitting here in my pajamas…that I wore all day yesterday. At least yesterday I put a bra on before the AT&T tech came over to fix my TV. Today, um…

During the school week, I stay pretty much on top of things. I feel like I have a purpose, even though I am not doing all the things I would like to do with my kids because of my own rigidity. I think I am afraid that if I veer from the schedule printed in a random book of curriculum that I will never accomplish anything. Which leads me to this computer on a Tuesday during Christmas break still in my jammies sans bra.

Does purposeful SAHMness mean scheduling every activity and giving up my unorganized, slobby ways? Yep, pretty much. A messy house, full of stuff does not make me happy or fun to be around. The kids could have fun at an insurance seminar provided they had a few basic tools–paper and crayons for Em, a couple of stuffed animals for Bean, and a magnet, or electronic gadget, or a hand blender for The Boy. If they can be happy living so simply–and they are (*see my note), why can’t I strip down to the essentials and be happy too? (I do wish bras were non-essential, but that is not my lot in life since I just can’t seem to defy gravity all by myself.)

The new year seems to be the natural place to start a year of purpose. Parenting on-purpose, finding contentment in what I already have, and loving each precious day with three beautiful children who insist on growing up too quickly for my liking. To stop letting life drag me by the hair while letting go at the same time. To live simply, on purpose.

*I walked in the living room today to find all three kids snuggled up in a chair together watching a movie. There was no fighting or shoving–just three little kids enjoying a moment of closeness with each other. Simply happy.


Comments on: ">I’m not doing this on purpose" (2)

  1. >You hit the nail on the head. Living in a home that not only functions but is loving and cheerful is the desire of my heart. Less is more, with the exception being underwear.

  2. >Undies and socks. And coffee. Everything else can be stripped away. No pun intended. And, yes, I am wearing a bra today.

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