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>I had to have a talk with the kids yesterday about why we don’t walk around undressed. “Even outside?” Emma asked. “Especially not outside,” I replied as I managed not to laugh. I explained to them about modest dressing and how modesty shows others that we respect them and ourselves. Laura was wearing a shirt that she insists is a dress and which I insist should be paired with leggings. Using the shirt as an example, I told her that in our house, modesty means that we don’t show too much leg or wear “dresses” that show our undies when we bend over. I told them that in the olden days, women couldn’t even show their arms! We all giggled and agreed about dressing modestly.

This morning, Alex came out in a pair of shorts and a long-sleeve shirt. Without even a hint of sarcasm, he asked, “Mom, am I showing too much leg?”


Comments on: ">The Very Modest Boy" (1)

  1. >Too cute! We've heard rumors all the way down here about the scandalous May clan from Michigan!

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