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>So, I made dinner tonight. Yummy turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans–a favorite on winter nights. Jason came home late, so I nuked his plate and he started eating in the kitchen. I smelled something funny, but I didn’t want to embarrass him while he was eating so I said nothing. He left the room, and the air cleared. Life was good again. Fast forward about an hour, and I was sitting at my computer doing some work. Jason walked into the kitchen, and I smelled it again. Exasperated, I asked him, “Honey, was that you?” He replied, “Might have been. I don’t remember.” Ugh. Men. I explained to him that if it wasn’t him then I had to search the kitchen for the culprit. He assured me it wasn’t, and we set off to find the source of stinkiness. We found it inside the very bag of potatoes that I used to make my lovely, fluffy mashed side dish. Next time we watch “Labyrinth” I won’t have to wonder how the Bog of Eternal Stench smells in actuality. I lived it tonight. Who would have thought that a small rotten potato could emit such putrid foulness? And the worst part–it leaked. I can handle almost anything as long as it doesn’t ooze or stink. This did both. I nearly turned in my badge tonight. But, after lots of bleach and some therapy, I am going to be okay.


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  1. >My stomach hurts from laughing! I can see it all…and smell it too!

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