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>This was one of the main points in our pastor’s sermon today. I feel like my life is full of confusion at times, and I shut down rather than sort it all out. So, if God isn’t behind it and doesn’t like it, then that means He has something better in mind for me…peace. Our pastor also said that women have an innate ability to sense danger in our families and especially with our children. Our inner smoke detector goes off when the little ones are mysteriously too quiet or when our older ones say, “Mom, I know you told me never to put the dog in the dryer, but…” However, our pastor cautioned us about constantly being alarmed over every little thing. Ugh. Arrow straight into my overly alarmed, unpeaceful heart. Isaiah 26:3 promises us that God will keep us in “perfect peace” when our minds are focused on Him. PERFECT peace. Oooo, there’s that word again–perfect. What is nice to remember is that God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but He and everything that comes from Him is. Perfect peace. Now that is something I can handle.

Of course, peace isn’t going to get my laundry done or scrub the crust out of my microwave. There will be fires to put out (hopefully not literally, but I have kids, so I’m trying to be realistic), boo-boos to bandages, and sibling fights to break up. I will still have the responsibilities I have now, but a measure of peace that flows from within might make every day more bearable. Peace will allow me to prioritize my life to get done the most important things first, leaving the rest to sort itself out. I am fond of saying, “Everything always works out one way or another.” Worry, anxiety…they add nothing to this mix of life except pain, disappointment, and guilt. Enough already!!! I am promised perfect peace when I focus on the Lord.


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  1. >PEACE….What a clever idea! Thank you for reminding me!

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