Random musings from a Wife, Mom, Homeschooler, Student, and Friend

>Canon in D

>This piece of music reminds me of all that is good in my life, and my cup overflows with love. Here I am, wife of the most wonderful husband, Mom to three incredible children, Stay-At-Home-Mom per my desire, homeschooler, and grateful friend of many. Are there problems? Of course. But, when I am listening to this music my thoughts dwell on the awesomeness of God who gives to all freely, and nothing is insurmountable. I wish I had adequate words to express the peace that I am feeling, and I wish I could bottle it up for times when peace seems far away.

I wouldn’t trade places with anyone for anything. (Well, maybe for a kitchen floor that cleans itself!) In fact, I have waxed poetic:

On Motherhood

Tiny boat on a tiny stream
Take from me my childish dream
Help me embrace myself–I’ve grown
Into a woman I do not know.
Memories ripple on the water
And in the eyes of my daughter,
I see my old future, now my past.
Sweet innocence how I want it to last!
I want that time to replay
To undo some things so that I may
Find peace.

Tiny boat on a tiny stream
Teach me how to let this dream
Float away.

No more time for toys
My world is filled with fear and noise.
Peace is of reach.

The touch of her small hand
Brings me back to now and
I know that it is time
To let go.

Let it go.
Let peace flow.

Tiny boat on a tiny stream
We play, we love, we dream.
She is small for just a minute
Let our day and all that is in it
Be filled with her smile and her laughter
Now and ever after.
Spare her my mistakes and fears
And help me fill these precious years
With a life worthy to live
And enough to love to give
Children of her own.


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