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>My secret life

>It is no secret that if something stands still long enough I will paint it, but the secret is how much I dwell on paint and decorating choices. Long gone are the days that this can be considered a hobby–it is now a passion (if not an obsession). I’m not saying this because I am about to repaint my bedroom for the 3rd time in less than 2 years. I’m not saying this because I dreamed that I was being chased by a giant paint roller last night. Okay, well, I guess I am saying it because of that.

I love to look a decorating magazines. And, 99% of the time, my TV is tuned into HGTV. I have posted rooms on Rate My Space. I still haven’t gotten a 4.5 or 5 yet, but there’s time…there’s time. I rearrange furniture–all the time. My motto is, “I can’t change other things about my life, but I can change the furniture!” Sometimes the simple act of shifting the sofa 3 inches further down the wall and carefully realigning all the pictures on the wall is catharic when the rest of my life is such a mess. Apparently I got the re-arrangement gene from my beloved grandmother. That must have made living in her house particularly interesting because my grandfather was and my uncle is blind. My own husband is oblivious, but at least he can see what he is tripping over! I get an added ego bonus when my children comment on my changes. Something as simple as wiping the dust off the end tables make them say, “Mom! It is bee-u-bee-ful!” (Guess I should combine my decorating efforts with more cleaning, huh?) They love it when I change things, and I love that they care!

So, Friday’s challenges–Carry on! Again, focusing on my master bedroom. I’m allowing myself a tiny budget for fabric. I’m taking the dust ruffle that I have never used and making valances out of it. I want to band the edge of that fabric with a gorgeous print I found yesterday. Then of course, the room needs to be painted. It is my goal to have it completed by next Friday.

Weight loss challenge–Carry on! I lost 4.5lbs this week!


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