Random musings from a Wife, Mom, Homeschooler, Student, and Friend

>So, was the answer up or down for the rest of today?

Up. Mostly. I’m fighting off something, so my defenses are low. But, no need to hide sharp instruments. Bring on the cold medicine and the Motrin!

Now, two updates. First, on the dieting side, I gained 1.5lbs. Some would consider that a negative, but I am determined to focus on the positive. Because of this gain, Weight Watchers is generously giving me 2 extra points per day because I am in a new (higher) weight bracket! Woohoo! Second, I did stick with my challenge last week of walking every day and journalling every bite. I think this is a really big deal, and I am proud of myself.

My task for dieting this week is to stay within my WW points. My task for me is to redesign my bedroom without spending any money. It must be clean and organized. Bring it on!


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